Athlete of the Week

Meet Zach L.

What is your job/occupation?
Work in the oil and gas industry
Describe yourself in 3 words.
Funny. Active. Adventurous
What is your hobby outside of work and the gym? What do you enjoy about it?
Enjoy biking, climbing, fishing and golf. These hobbies help keep me active and are always challanging.
What’s your favorite treat meal??
What is your power animal? And why?
Honey badger. Cause honey badger don’t give a @#%!
Toilet Paper: Over or Under? And why?
Over. Because I’m not a god-less heathen.
What’s your favorite crossfit movement? And why?
Rope climps. About the only crossfit movement that is easy for me.
What is something positive crossfit taught you about yourself?
No matter how much I want to quite, just keep going and I can make it through.