Athlete of the Week

Meet Nicole W.

What is your job/occupation?
PhD Student
Describe yourself in 3 words.
Just Drink It
What is your hobby outside of work and the gym? What do you enjoy about it?
Studying for comprehensive exams…because I want to graduate. And hanging out with friends…because they’re super cool.
What’s your favorite treat meal??
What is your power animal? And why?
Sloth. Have you seen me work out?
Toilet Paper: Over or Under? And why?
Over…because that’s the RIGHT way!
What’s your favorite crossfit movement? And why?
Snatch. Because it’s such a technical lift and there is always room for improvement.
What is something positive crossfit taught you about yourself?
That I really do enjoy group fitness. I avoided it for so long and just did my own thing by myself in the gym. But I love how the community pushes me to be better!