About CrossFit Helix

CrossFit Greeley Coaches Jamie & Chris DennisCrossFit Helix in Greeley, Colorado, was founded in November 2011 and is owned by Chris & Jamie Dennis.

Helix was started solely on a love for CrossFit and the extreme desire to teach and enable our community to experience the life-changing effects of the CrossFit lifestyle. Though our owners and coaching staff all came to CrossFit in different ways, we have all experienced one result: a love and passion for CrossFit unlike anything else.

We at CrossFit Helix want you to do everything you do in your everyday life better while you look and feel great. At CrossFit Helix, you will notice something different about us right when you walk through our doors.

You will notice a community of athletes of all ages, sizes and athletic backgrounds. You will be welcomed, cheered on and people will line up for a high five at the end of each class.

We yell. We scream. We grunt. We sweat. A lot. We cry. We high-five. We encourage.

With a second-to-none coaching staff and an athlete to coach ratio that is purposefully limited, this ensures each and every class is run the same in an environment that is both safe and inclusive.

Community is the heart of our gym – it’s what helps you push through those last few reps and what keeps you craving and coming back for more. That’s the beauty of it all. Our community is what drives this all home; think you will experience this at a globo gym? No way.