Barbell Club

If you want to get stronger, faster, improve your coordination, increase your mobility, and decrease your WOD times, then come join us at Barbell Club! Practicing the Olympic lifts (the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk) doesn’t just benefit the Olympic lifts, it benefits all aspects of your fitness.

This class will consist of a variation of strength training and weightlifting in a relaxed, less structured hour where even the Coach will join in with you! Barbell Club will not include a WOD and is intended for athletes to be able to do the daily WOD on the same day, if desired, as programming will be based around the weekly WODs.

This class is suited for athletes of all levels who have a basic understanding of barbell movements such as back squat, front squat, snatch and clean & jerk. Classes will be held weekly on Wednesdays at 5:30pm in Helix Black. Class size is limited, so please sign up in advance to reserve your spot. Barbell Club is also included in your monthly membership at no extra cost!