Nutrition Coaching


You can’t out-exercise a bad diet. CrossFit makes you accountable: The workouts are 3x harder if you eat cookies the night before. Our Nutrition program, like CrossFit, combines behavioral change with achievement to create habits that will last a LIFETIME. We will work with you to make sustainable changes with balance, diet and exercise.

Restrictive eating, “detoxing” and fad dieting is not the answer to healthy living. If you’ve been a victim to dieting, let’s break that vicious cycle. Let’s make lifelong changes, achieve your health goals, and live a happier life. No more crazy food restrictions or unrealistic expectations. If you’re ready for a change, we’re committed to helping you break the cycle of dieting.

Haley Hughes, Greeley Nutrition CoachingMeet Our Registered Dietitian, Haley Hughes

Haley Hughes is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator who has a Master’s Degree in Dietetics and years of experience as a clinical, inpatient, outpatient and community dietitian. These experiences have allowed her to see a variety of clients and learn how to best tailor each nutrition counseling session. Haley is certified by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the National Board of Certified Diabetes Educators holding her to high ethical and educational standards.

Haley’s education and passion sets her apart from other less qualified competition and enables her to take a versatile approach to meet individual needs. She is dedicated and determined to assist each client achieve their wellness goals. Helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle is her mission and she has already helped hundreds of clients improve their life by reaching long-term sustainable goals. You can also catch her over on the RDRx Nutrition blog, which is full of amazing recipes!


Nutrition Consultation
Includes 10% discount for being a CrossFit Helix member
60 Minute Initial Consultation
Provide Medical Nutrition Therapy and Nutrition Education
Assess nutrition history, lifestyle and current eating habits
Identify barriers and create specific, measurable, realistic goals specific to individual's needs
Weigh-In and Body Measurements
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Customized Refocus Detox
Includes 10% discount for being a CrossFit Helix member
4 Week Nutrition Package
Specific plan to target goals: weight loss/weight gain, manage chronic disease or to improve performance
Offers the opportunity to receive an individualized plan, based on body measurements, and tailored to your preferences & lifestyle
60 Minute Initial Consultation
One 30 Minute Follow Up Session
Four Weeks of Customized Meal Plans, Grocery List and Recipes
Printed Information Packet
Body Measurements
Weekly Weigh Ins
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Deluxe Customized Lifestyle Change
Includes 10% discount for being a CrossFit Helix member
per month, 3-month commitment
Specific plan to target goals
Weight loss/weight gain, manage chronic disease or to improve performance
Additional accountability and support
60 Minute Initial Consultation
Three 30 Minute Follow Up Sessions
Printed Information Packet
12 Weeks of Meal Plans, Grocery Lists and Recipes
Body Measurements and Weigh Ins
Food Log Review and Professional Feedback
Weekly 15 Minute One-on-One Consultation with Continued Support
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Ongoing Nutrition Coaching & Check-Ins
Moving into your Maintenance Phase, we will help you stay accountable with monthly visits with Haley.
Includes 10% discount for being a CrossFit Helix member
**This option is only available to people who have completed a nutrition consultation or package.**
This plan will include access to Haley and a 20 minute consult each month
Access to private RDRx Facebook Group
Feedback from Haley, Registered Dietitian
Recipes, Nutrition Updates and Trends
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