Run Club

“Track with Zach”

Track with Zach is a running club for all levels of fitness and running skills! Even if you think your run is no faster than a walk! We will train for 8 weeks in hopes of doing the Fourth of July 5k at the end of the class (if you would like). If you do not want to do the race you can still use this class to improve your cardio. This will not be just a class where we run 3 miles every day as a group. Most of the workouts will be shorter and done at a track with a mixture of CrossFit movements as well as interval training.

“I have a lot of cool workouts I have done over the years and want to share a few of those with you. It is going to blast and will hopefully pair well with your current CrossFit goals.” -Zach

Class Information

  • Meets every Tuesday at 6:45pm at Prairie Heights Middle School track (unless otherwise noted)
    per month
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Meet the Coach, Zach Broughton

Greeley Run Club

First, I love CrossFit! I grew up playing just about all sports, but gravitated towards wrestling. If I was not wrestling, I was trying to get stronger and in better shape for wrestling. This meant that during the offseason I ran cross-country in hopes to get in better shape. After college, I trained and completed several triathlons and have ran 5K races just about every year since. I also trained and competed in a powerlifting competition.

When I found CrossFit, it was exactly what I had been trying to do my whole life – get stronger and fitter! The “fit” with CrossFit and me could not have been better! I received my CrossFit Level 1 Certification last year and currently I am training for a 25-mile trail run as well. For whatever reason, I still love running and have a joy to run along with my CrossFit training. I am excited to lead this Run Club and train for a race with my fellow Helix’ers!