CrossFit Skills Don’t Just Magically Happen

Ashley toes-to-barAre you still doing jumping pull-ups or ring rows? Are you still avoiding double unders by only doing single unders? Have you been wanting to do rope climbs but still don’t have the technique or confidence? Or perhaps you’re still waiting on the day when you can touch your toes to the bar?

Seeing others excel at some of these movements you only dream about doing is somewhere we’ve all been.

But it’s time to do something about it.

Your double unders just won’t magically appear. Neither will the strength to get your first pull-up or muscle-up. You have to have a plan.

Sure, you might know by now the different progressions you can practice to improve upon some of these CrossFit skills, but if no one is holding you accountable to practice these on your own, outside of class time, will it get done? Some of you have the discipline this requires.

But for most of us, we don’t. We need the accountability.

That’s why our group CrossFit classes are so effective; a Coach tells you what to do, when to do it and how much of it to do.

But, the amount of time we can spend practicing movements in a group CrossFit class is limited. There’s a lot to do be done within that hour — we need to warm-up, mobilize, do movement prep specific to the workout and then finally, do the workout! By the time we’re done, it’s hard enough to peel ourselves off the floor let alone think about doing more work after class is over.

This is where our personal training sessions can be so beneficial to you. Our 30-minute sessions can be individualized to suit whatever goal it is you’re trying to achieve. Number 1, we offer personal training for those that want to get results fast, but number 2, personal training can also be used to work 1-on-1 with a Coach to achieve whatever goal it is you’re looking to accomplish.

We have so many tools in our toolbox to help you achieve your goals and a lot can be done in a 30-minute session when there isn’t a workout to do.

Remember how it’s important to have a plan? Well, our coaches are here to help you do just that. You just need to let us help you with your goals!

If you have a movement specific goal you’re looking to achieve, shoot us an email and let us know. We can put together a plan for what we think it will take to get you where you want to be.

An even better way to stay accountable with your goals is by adding one or two 30-minute personal training sessions to your monthly membership each month. If you’re interested in that, let us know.

Remember, accountability is key here, so by scheduling 1 or 2 sessions per month, every month, that’s a sure fire recipe for checking off many goals this year! Get to where you want to be, more quickly! Reach out to us today so we can help!

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