CrossFitting During the Holidays: All or Nothing?

With Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years approaching, the holiday season is officially upon us. And sometimes through the hustle and bustle of family gatherings, shopping, traveling and Christmas break, it can be hard to stick with our daily routines. Food temptations cause us to let up on our nutrition and extra activities cause us to start missing our workouts.

The holidays put extra stress on all of us. Extra family gatherings. Extra shopping. Extra food. Extra activities.

It “feels” like we have less time to get our workouts in. It “feels” like there’s nothing but “bad” food all around us.

So we start to think, “If I can’t be dialed into my nutrition 100% and I can’t get my 5 workouts in a week, then forget it – it’s not even worth trying!”  

But let me tell you a little secret. You’re allowed, and you deserve, to make yourself and your health a priority ALL YEAR long. Not JUST when  life is easy, less stressful and uneventful. ALL YEAR LONG.

Don’t say “no” to the family gatherings. Don’t say “no” to the delicious piece of pie. And don’t say “yes” to skipping the gym.

Schedule your workouts just like you would any other time of year, but be flexible and give yourself some grace if you can’t make it in as much as you want. 1 workout per week is better than none, 2 is way better than just 1 and 3 or more is killer.

Just don’t give up. Think about what that first workout back will feel like if you take a week off, two weeks or even a month. IT’S NOT GOING TO FEEL GOOD. You don’t want to go there. So don’t.

Keep the momentum rolling, you guys. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

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