Get Rid of the Hurry

I was listening to the radio the other day when I heard the DJ talking about how when we are in a hurry, we act, and react for that matter, differently. We get so caught up in our “hurry” that we don’t notice other people or even when people need us. Basically the message was to “get rid of the hurry.”  

This instantly resonated with me because I know when I’m in a hurry, I’m way less patient and super anxious — not at all who I am or want to be. In fact, just thinking about all the times I’m in a hurry makes me cringe at the thought of how I’m likely reacting to the situation.

So I started to think about ways I could “get rid of the hurry” in my life so I could feel less stressed out and be a more calm, happy human.

It didn’t take me long to realize that the answer is ridiculously simple.

First, we simply need to “do less.” We’ve been so conditioned to think that more is better, and if we’re not busy then we’re just plain lazy. Of course there are days or even seasons in our life where being busy is unavoidable, but if you’re constantly feeling stressed out or stretched too thin where you can’t do the things you enjoy doing, then it’s time to re-evaluate so you can get some time back.

Learn to “say no” more often. Today, most all of us are overcommitted and stretched far too thin.

Slowly eliminate your commitments and the unnecessary. You aren’t doing yourself, your kids, your spouse, or anyone else any favors by being overcommitted — this just adds to your “hurry” and fuels more stress.

You are allowed to “say no” without justification.

“Saying no” isn’t selfish.

“Saying no” is really just giving yourself an opportunity to “say yes” to what matters most.

Finally, give yourself more time so you aren’t rushed for the commitments you do choose. It’s super simple and obvious, but if you’re constantly rushing everywhere you go, give yourself double the time to get there.

For instance, if you give yourself 15 minutes to drive to the gym for class, but you’re stressed the entire way there, running through red lights and yelling at people in traffic, give yourself 30 minutes next time. You might be 10 minutes early, but I’ll bet the last minute potty break your kids need right before class starts or having to park a little farther away because all the spots are taken won’t be that big of a deal because you’ll still be on time.

Try this with all your obligations and see if just being early results in a shift in your mood. 

Okay, now lets give this a try: think about your day from start to finish and those times where you feel most hurried or stressed out.

1.) Ask yourself what commitments you can eliminate or say “no” to that will create a less hurried and maxed out day for you. 

If you’re always rushing out the door for work, can you “do less” with your morning routine, like staying off social media or even “doing less” snoozing with your alarm?

Maybe waking your kids, or even yourself, up 10 minutes earlier would make the morning more peaceful? Wouldn’t a less hurried morning be a fair tradeoff for a 10-minute sacrifice in your sleep?

Do you take your kids to multiple activities during the week but rarely give yourself the chance to make it to the gym? If so, eliminate one of their activities to make room for you to get to the gym. Those awesome endorphins you get from a good workout will boost your mood and help to alleviate stress, so it’s beneficial for you, your loved ones and your co-workers!

Do you have a bad habit of staying up super late at night scrolling through social media or watching tv and then you’re too tired the next morning to make it to the gym? Set a “lights out” alarm on your phone or even try charging your phone in another room at night so you’re not tempted to keep scrolling.

2.) Now that you’ve eliminated one, or maybe a few commitments, identify those commitments you really want to say “yes” to and make those a priority. Put them on your calendar and don’t allow yourself to back out. 

If you come to our group CrossFit classes, you can sync the classes you sign up for on Wodify to your Google calendar, and that really helps to make it feel like an appointment. You can do the same if you’re a personal training client.

3.) Now that you’ve identified your priorities, treat them as such. Plan enough time on the front and back end so you can eliminate added stress for when unforeseen stressors arise, like a traffic jam, bad weather or limited parking. 

Once you take these steps to get rid of the hurry in your life, pay attention to how this affects your happiness, your mood and your relationships. 

By being less hurried, you’ll be better able to connect with your family and friends because you’re not in a constant busy state.

You’ll be more able to notice when a friend or family might need a hand, a hug or even just a smile from you. You might even have time to have a conversation with someone!

You’ll be less likely to have an outburst at your child when you’re out the door and they realize they forgot their backpack. 

And most importantly, by getting rid of the hurry, you’ll be less likely to cancel or miss out on those things you say “yes” to because you’ll have the space and the energy to devote to them.

Get rid of the hurry so you can get your life back!

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