How We’re Training Through COVID-19

The coronavirus is creating a lot of chaos, but there are many bright spots.

Here are just a few:

No. 1: You’ve prioritized your health and fitness. You’ve done everything you can to prepare for anything. You’re strong and healthy, and you have an iron will earned through training. That virus is going to have a fight on its hands if it runs into you.

No. 2: We have time to prepare. While gyms in Italy and Denmark have been shut down, we have time to plan. We’ll be very prepared to help our clients stay fit as governments work to manage the pandemic.

No. 3: Spring is on the way, and we’ll be able to use large, well ventilated outside spaces soon.

No. 4: We’re talking to the best gym owners and business mentors daily to learn how we can serve our clients best right now. We know people around the world, and as a client of  ours, you’ll benefit from that. You can expect a world-class response to the coronavirus. Read on.

No. 5: CrossFit Helix has always held a high standard of our fantastic cleaning crew and of our members. The gym has been deep cleaned 2-3x times per week since day 1. “Clean your equipment after each use” has also been on our list of Gym Rules since day 1.

No. 6: Our Coach-to-Athlete ratio has intentionally remained small since day 1. This comes at a huge advantage to us in knowing which equipment athletes used and being able to ensure equipment is cleaned properly.

No. 7: We do not have any plans to close the gym unless mandated by the city, state or government. You can count on us to operate as normal and maintain your fitness to stay healthy!

General Procedures

In the short term, please observe the following:

  • Most important of all: Don’t come to the gym if you are feeling ill or have disease symptoms, this includes your children. If you are unwell but want to train, email us with your equipment list and a description of your space. We’ll get you moving. Please plan to use this option to train at home if you are under the weather.
  • Everyone will be required to wash their hands upon arriving at the gym, after each bathroom use and after you clean your equipment. Scrub for at least 20 seconds. Don’t touch your face.
  • If you sneeze or cough or sneeze, cover your mouth with a tissue or an elbow.
  • Thoroughly clean any equipment you touch. All cleaning supplies will be on hand.

Kids Room

  • Again, please don’t bring your children in if they are feeling ill or have disease symptoms.
  • All children will be required to wash their hands before entering the kids room and after they leave.
    • A cleaning station will be placed outside the kids room to include cleaning rags, disinfectant solution and hand sanitizer.
  • All toys in the kids room will be removed until further notice. The wall-mounted tv and couches will remain.
  • Please wipe down the surfaces of the kids room before you leave, including the couches, safety gate and window ledge.
  • Remind your children to stay in the kids room during all classes and not to touch equipment. Same rule for kids, “if they touch it, clean it.”

Long-Term Plans

We are preparing in case the government-mandated closures in other places happen here. As a leader in the fitness industry, we have a huge network of resources, and we’re using that to make a solid plan.

If we must close, we will not stop providing you with coaching, programming and inspiration. We will use the internet to program and instruct workouts. We take a lot of pride in being a rock for our clients, and we’ll make sure you keep working out even if the government wants you to do it at home. You pay us for coaching, and we will deliver it without interruption. 

We will program workouts every day, with precise instruction. We’ll tell you how to use household items, and we’ll leverage technology to coach you. We are more than prepared for this.

To help you prepare, here’s a to-do list:

  1.  Go out and buy a kettlebell or a set of dumbbells. You can probably get something for about $100 or less. Scheel’s is only 15 minutes away from the gym, but there are tons of online retailers as well. Select a weight that you would use in a conditioning workout (25#, 35# and 55# kettlebells are common, as are 20# and 40# dumbbells). This will be your primary piece of at-home fitness equipment. Don’t worry: You can stay very fit with just one kettlebell or dumbbell.
  2. Make a space where you can work out with “Helix online.” It should be about 8 feet by 8 feet.
  3. Create Instagram and Facebook accounts if you don’t have them. We’ll likely use those platforms to run workouts.
  4. Make sure you have a way to set up a phone or iPad so you can see and hear us during the online session.
  5. High-five the Internet.

We sincerely hope to avoid any government-mandated closures, but we are prepared for everything. 

You will be taken care of. We’ll show the exact same enthusiasm and care over the internet. You won’t get a physical fist bump after a great workout, but our emoji game is very, very strong.

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