The Small Things Matter

Jamie and HaddieYou know what happens when you don’t make time for yourself?

You start to get burnt out.

You get irritable. Cranky. Overwhelmed.

So, you skip your workout because you’re “just too tired.”

Exhaustion has set in and everyone around you suffers.

You snap at your spouse. And probably your kids, too.

You start to find yourself frequenting the drive-thru window at the fast food joint rather than making your weekly grocery run. Because that’s easier and you have no energy to prepare dinner.

So you plop down on the couch when you get home to relax. Surely you’ll feel more rested in the morning after binge watching 2 hours of Netflix. 5 hours of sleep is plenty.

In the morning you hit the snooze button because again, you’re “just too tired.”

Then, you’re rushing out the door to get to work on time or you’re screaming at your kids to get them out the door.

No time for breakfast so you skip it — you don’t need breakfast anyway since you missed your workout yesterday.

Lunch time hits and now you’re really cranky. Again. And irritable. Again.

There’s NO WAY you have the energy for your workout today. You’re exhausted. You’ll have to skip it. Again.

And alas, the vicious cycle starts over.

Sound familiar?

Yeah, we’ve all been there.

But here’s the thing. That one SMALL thing you thought didn’t really matter — like your workout, or eating breakfast, or getting an extra hour of sleep — MATTERS.

“You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others.”

You’ve heard that before, but it’s so important to live that out every day. Because the small, daily choices have a huge impact on our well-being.

In the moment, skipping your workout might not seem that paramount.

When we take care of ourselves, we’re better spouses, parents, friends and co-workers.

And when we do that we have more energy. More patience. More gratitude. More joy. And less stress. Less self-destructive behavior.

Approaching life and work with abundant energy comes from good daily habits, with good nutrition and exercise being at the forefront.

A CrossFit class is a 1-hour daily commitment. Knock it out in even less time with 30-minute private training sessions.

If you think you can’t find 30 minutes or an hour out of your day, cut out social media for a day and see how much time you earn back. Pack your lunch and schedule a 30-minute private training session during your lunch break. While your spouse and kids sleep, come to a group CrossFit class at 5:30am and be home in time for breakfast, or pick them up after school and bring them to play in our Kids Room while you workout — they’ll likely make a ton of friends and beg you to stay longer.

To show up well for yourself and for others, you have to earn it.

Now go out and earn it!

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