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Meet the Helix Community

These represent only a few of the people that we call family, as our members not only get healthier and more fit - they create amazing relationships that exist inside and outside the gym.

Ashley Meyer -

My advice to someone new is CrossFit Helix is the best CrossFit gym in town. We have friendly athletes and coaches who support one another.

Dillon Thornton -

What I have learned about myself since joining is the Helix community has a way of pushing me to excel. I'm a better athlete with them than I am without them.

Ashley Angus -

What I have learned about myself is I can do things that at one point in time I was very hesitant about doing. Now I have confidence to immediately push my limits.

Katie Whitehead -

What I have learned about myself is I've learned how to be proud of my accomplishments, big or small, and have gained a lot of humility. I've also learned that it IS possible to wake up at 5am to workout. Who knew?

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