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Meet the Helix Community

These represent only a few of the people that we call family, as our members not only get healthier and more fit - they create amazing relationships that exist inside and outside the gym.

Rachel Nedrud -

I can honestly say I love CrossFit just as much today as I did when I discovered it seven years ago. I love the support and energy that comes from fellow athletes who are there to achieve similar goals, it's the "we're all in it together" mentality. Plus, I'm completely addicted to the personal satisfaction and thirst for more that comes from PR's and performance I'm proud of! Simply put, I'm there to be my personal best and love watching and helping others become theirs!

Angela S. -

The thing I love most is that I am pushed harder and do things I never would have programmed for myself.

Ashley Angus -

My reasoning for joining was every time I left a class I felt a difference, especially the day after. Being sore is a good feeling!

Paige Foster -

My advice is It's the best thing you could do for yourself. Not only do you gain muscle and strength, but confidence, a second home, tons of fun, and a family.

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