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Our love for CrossFit started like many other stories. The moment we stepped foot in a Box, we were hooked. Although I did take some convincing at first from Jamie. We were drawn in by the community, friendships and lets not forget the amazing workouts. We’d find ourselves talking about CrossFit, Researching CrossFit and living CrossFit even when we weren’t in the gym. That desire to learn more turned into a desire to teach others and create and cultivate that environment for others to feel the same. We started coaching together in 2010, so almost a decade now. Our passion for coaching grew and grew leading us to start CrossFit Helix in December of 2011. With community and family at the heart of our focus our community grew to be one of the happiest places to be in all of Weld county. Our desire for such a community extends to our amazing coaching staff and the athletes they coach. We now have two beautiful daughters that get to enjoy this community as well. Jamie and I love our family and that includes every single one of the athletes and their families that walk in our door. It’s the best hour of the day!

Chris Dennis | OWNER

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