Your Goals Need a “Why”

It’s athlete check-in time around here at CrossFit Helix and we’re going to be asking you all month to share your goals with us.


It’s simple. We care about your goals because we care about you.

We are here to help you reach your goals, and in order to do that, we need to know what your goals are.

If you haven’t been checked in by a Coach yet, you will soon!

In the meantime, think about what goals you may have, they can be short-term (90 days or less) or they can be more long-term (over 90 days).

Once you have a goal, give it a “why.”

(Share that with your Coach as well.)

Your “why” is important because that is what drives your goal and what will keep you disciplined when your motivation fades.

Why do you want that goal?

What will be different in your life if you reach that goal?

  • Will you be choosing foods that nourish and fuel your body?
  • Will you stay more consistent with coming into the gym because you really enjoy it and not because you have to?
  • Will being able to do a pull-up give you a boost of self-confidence?
  • Will it be setting a good example of a healthy lifestyle for your family and children?
  • Will your quality of life improve with your fitness?

Changing your habits is hard and uncomfortable. Connecting your goals back to your “why” will keep you motivated and excited!

What are your goals?

And what is your “why?”

Shoot for the stars, but be honest with yourself so that you’re setting goals that really matter to you.

PS – Movement-specific goals, like getting a pull-up, double unders or even a muscle-up require individualized help. Did you know we have skill sessions for that? No? Well now you do! Call or text us (970-396-7994), email or ask a Coach to get started.

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